Corona pandemic - so students and higher education have been affected

This week we launch two reports on how higher education and students have been affected by the corona pandemic. On Thursday comes SFS presidium have a meeting with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel to talk about the students' situation.

In 2020, since the corona pandemic hit in March, we have seen how higher education and all students have been affected by the pandemic. We are now releasing the report The university will not be the same which addresses the impact of the corona pandemic on higher education in 2020 and beyond. The report is based on survey responses from SFS member corps. 

The report reports on how the corona pandemic has affected higher education pedagogy and the quality of education in higher education in 2020. The report also contains recommendations from SFS for how the situation we are now in should be handled in the future. 

In connection with this, we will also release the compilation How does the corona pandemic affect students? as done with 12 unions 'student surveys about the students' situation during the pandemic. This compilation focuses on the entire study situation. Particularly prominent are clear signs of increased anxiety and deteriorating mental well-being.

SFS presidium will tomorrow, Thursday 17/12, prefer the students' situation during the pandemic. The draw will be based on these two reports as well as it investigation report SFS Doctoral Student Committee released earlier this spring. The draw will be available on SFS's website afterwards.