ESU: Resolution against the attack on funding for Swedish student unions

Representatives within the European Students' Union on their visit to Sweden earlier this year.

The European Students' Union (ESU) accepted a resolution from SFS, condemning the Swedish government's defunding of student unions in Sweden.

You have probably heard about the Swedish government's attack on student influence and the student movement in their autumn budget proposal in September. The government intends to reduce the 2:67 grant in the state budget by 20 million SEK, from SEK 67,780,000 to SEK 47,780,000, starting the budget year 2026. This will have serious consequences for students in Sweden and for the quality of higher education. 

Around the end of November, Komit attended ESU's 85th board meeting in Tallinn. With them, they had a resolution regarding the government's attack on student influence. ESU accepted the resolution and you can read it here.

The European Students' Union (ESU) is the umbrella organization of 45 National Unions of Students (NUS) from 40 countries.