Anniversary Webinar: A college accessible to all? A panel discussion on accessibility and higher education pedagogy in higher education 

(EDIT: some changes in layout have had to be made, and Matilda Ernkrans will instead of participating as part of the panel begin with a speech before the panel takes over. This is due to schedule changes and the event has been updated according to the new layout)

Sweden's United Student Unions (SFS) are now inviting you to a webcast seminar to talk about higher education pedagogy and accessibility to and within higher education. Participating are, among others, Minister of Higher Education and Research, Matilda Ernkrans. 

Ahead of the autumn semester 2021, 419 people have applied for higher education. This is the highest number of applicants registered for an autumn admission. Never before have so many studied further in higher education as today and the student group is becoming increasingly diversified. Students come to the education with different conditions. At the same time, we are in a situation with online teaching due to restrictions and a rapid digital transition. It has raised the issue of higher education pedagogy and how we actually ensure that everyone really has access to higher education. 

The seminar is part of SFS 'anniversary seminar and is held together with the Umeå Student Union. 

Time: 18 May 12.15-13.00
Broadcast on Twitch here 
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The seminar begins with an introductory speech by Matilda Ernkrans, Minister of Higher Education and Research, where she will touch on the problem areas that the seminar touches on. Then the panel will take over.
The panel consists of:

  • Kjell Nyman, Former Ministerial Adviser at the Ministry of Education and Author of Report for "Connected education - an ESO report on the digitalisation of higher education"
  • Lars Haikola, University Chancellor (2010-2014) and special investigator for "Higher education for 20 years SOU 2015: 70"
  • Klara Bolander Laksov, FProfessor of the Center for University Teacher Education at Stockholm University and professor of higher education pedagogy. 

The panel may be expanded. 

The moderator is SFS chairman Simon Edström. 

SFS anniversary seminar is part of SFS '100th anniversary celebration in 2021. During the year, we arrange seminars around the country. Each seminar has a theme and we will deal with current political issues concerning both the academy and students' life situation. 

The seminars are currently digital due to current restrictions, but may be arranged physically later. SFS monitors the situation closely and follows the Public Health Agency's restrictions.