The #5 networking event for education managers

Theme: Submit a student union & what is UKÄ?

It's time for the fifth and last meeting of the business year for the Network for Education Managers (NFUA)! At this meeting we will focus on the theme of surrender.

: Thursday 13 June 2024 at 15:15 – 17:00

Place: Digital via Zoom (sent out to member clubs via invitation)

Handover at the student unions

In June, there are many who have submissions for their union leadership and boards. Therefore, we from SQC want to take the opportunity to pay attention to handover and how we best pass on the study supervision and student influence to those who take over after we leave. What is important to consider? What about the student influence? What can student unions do? Can we learn from each other? Welcome to what we hope will be a fun and educational end to the NFUA year!

Visit by Martin Norsell, UKÄ's director general!

In addition to that, we will also be visited by the Director General of the University Chancellor's Office (UKÄ), Martin Norsell, who will tell us about the authority and what is important for us student union activists to think about in the work with educational quality and quality assurance.


Finally, earlier in the year several of you contributed input to SFS's work on higher education pedagogy. The session will end with us presenting the PM that SFS has produced to end SFS's political focus issue with higher education pedagogy!

About NFUA and SQC

The network for education managers (NFUA) is a network within SFS. The purpose of the network is competence development, cooperation in quality issues and to form an arena for dialogue between education managers at different student unions. The network is coordinated by the SFS Quality Committee (SQC). The committee functions as a hub for quality issues within the student movement and for ongoing contact with relevant actors regarding the national quality system and its development.

Please get in touch [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. If you are from a member union and have not received an invitation, it is also fine to contact [email protected] the invitation will go out to you shortly.

You can also read more about the network here and about SQC here.

SQC wishes you a warm welcome!