Network meeting for student safety representatives

Network meeting for student safety representatives

On December 8 at 13.15:15.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. we have the next network meeting and we will then focus on the digital work environment. What does the new normal look like after the pandemic? How is the students' well-being affected by more happening digitally and with all digital tools.

We have invited Mari Willart from SULF (Sweden's university teachers and researchers) who wrote the report The academic vice - about IT stress and all other pressure in 2019 and we will hear about the thoughts and conversations that have arisen after that about the increasingly digitized the educations.

When: December 8 from 13.15:15.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
Where: Zoom


13.15 Welcome and presentation round
13.25 Presentation by Mari Willart
13.50 Q&A with Mari
14:00 Break
14:10 How does the network feel that the digital work environment affects students' well-being?

14:30 Does your university have any routines regarding students' sick leave/part-time sick leave, for example routines about adjusting the pace of study, the possibility to catch up after a period of sickness or for that matter the possibility to report to the university that you are sick so they know?

14:40 Other questions

Leo and Sebastian