The students explain: What distinguishes a good education?

Welcome to a digital panel discussion organized by Sweden's Federation of Students!

SFS has for a long time worked with educational quality for the students. But what does educational quality mean? What aspects contribute to quality? What can teachers and universities do? What do the students really think?

During the seminar, we will hear from student union representatives from four different educational areas explaining what quality means to them and the student group they represent. This will be followed by comments from a panel of representatives from academia.
The hope that we will be able to break down the concept of quality, which aspects are important and what we can do to improve higher education in Sweden.

Jacob Färnert (moderator).
The student panel:​​
Victor Holmström, law student & president Umeå student union
Filippa Alesand Lundin, speech therapy student & union chairman Consensus Medical Faculty's student union
David Hedgren, engineering student & Chairman of the Education Unit, Chalmers student union
Pauline Burke Clason, music student & chair Royal. The University of Music's Student Union
𝘈𝘭𝘭 𝘪𝘯 𝘪𝘯𝘪
Max Scheja, professor of higher education pedagogy, Stockholm University
Anders Fällström, rector Mittuniversitetet
Åsa Ryegård, university lecturer in higher education pedagogy, University of Mälardalen

Time and day: Tuesday, June 11 at 09.00:10-00:XNUMX
Location: Broadcast live on the SFS page on Facebook (link appears shortly before broadcast)