Meeting with the European University Network (EUI)

Since 2018, alliances within European universities have been established. A number of Swedish higher education institutions are included in these and it is the University and College Council (UHR) that has the task of coordinating Sweden's participation. The student representatives at the European universities have a challenging task, much due to the alliances breaking new ground. Therefore, we at SFS see a need for a network where you can meet others, brainstorm ideas and exchange experiences.

With this network, SFS wants to create a meeting place for student representatives within European universities and offer an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences. The network will offer network meetings about three times a year in digital or physical form. The members of the network will have a great opportunity to influence the content of the meetings.

The network is aimed at students who are involved in European universities. The network is not intended for people who are employed and receive their assignment directly from the university.

Read more about European University here

Zoom link for participation has gone out to members via the Wednesday newsletter. 

Do you have questions about the network or want to join? Please contact member coordinator Klara Lundahl at [email protected]

Preliminary agenda for the meeting:

1. Information round from the alliances/corps

2. Update from the ESU Board Meeting
a. EUI conference from ESU

b.Statement regarding EUI

3. Evaluation of the network this year
a. What do you need from SFS in the work with EUI in the future?
b. What does SFS need from the student unions in the work with EUI in the future?

4. Other questions