Start-up meeting The network for artistic educations


Welcome to the networking meeting and information about the Swedish National Union of Students with Jacob Färnert, chairman of the Swedish National Union of Students.

Project on higher education pedagogy in artistic educations

SFS will do a project on higher education pedagogy in artistic educations. For that, we would like to interview you in the network about how you see the higher education pedagogy in your educations. At the next network meeting, we will tell you a little more about this, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and give advice. We intend to hold the interview itself at a network meeting this spring.

Exchange of experiences that begins with a presentation by Jonathan Strömberg

Jonathan Strömberg, is studying to become a music teacher at the Ingesund Academy of Music and is chairman of the Karlstad student union section at the Ingesund Academy of Music (SMISK). He will talk about a mood survey that their corps did last year. Jonathan talks about his experiences:

We on the board noted that the mood among the students of the music teacher program was at an all time low in April 2023. We wanted to try to figure out what it could be
depend on, I had noted that our setup was very different compared to others
"regular" university educations and we included that in the survey.

When the compilation came, it became clear that there was a big point in that
look more into the structure of the education with the schedule, that more or less everything
is read in parallel and that there are probably a lot of staff who don't really
have a grasp of what it means with university studies.

I will talk about what we managed to unravel in the wake of this survey, what we
have taught us and what might happen next. - Jonathan Strömberg

End of session and discussion about what we want from a network for artistic education

Here it is open to come up with suggestions for content and meeting forms for future network meetings. How do you want your network?

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