Webinar: "How is increased quality in teacher education created?"

Low search pressure, few teacher-led hours and large dropouts. What exactly is the problem with teacher education and is there a solution in sight?

Point 56 of the January agreement is about reforming teacher education. In the report Increased quality in teacher education and more teachers in the school There are several proposals that deal with how the reform should proceed. But has the inquiry identified the right problems and will the January parties' solutions work? 

Sweden's united student unions have invited representatives from the teacher education programs and the teaching profession to give their view of the problems and needs. Representatives from politics are also present to give their view of the situation.

The seminar takes place on Wednesday 12 May at 10.00–11.00. It can be seen via twitch here. 

Facebook events are available here.

The panel consists of: 

  • Anders J Persson, Academic leader for teacher education at Södertörn University and Vice President of the Teacher Education Convention 
  • Rebecca Linderholm, teacher student and SFS representative in SUHF's expert group in teacher education issues 
  • Johanna Jaara Åstrand, Chairman of the Swedish Teachers' Association 
  • Roger Haddad, Education Policy Spokesman and Member of Parliament for the Liberals 
  • Pia Nilsson, member of the Education Committee and Member of Parliament for the Social Democrats

Moderator is Jacob Adamowicz