Webinar: SFS through the ages

Welcome to SFS seminar on the theme SFS through the ages. The seminar is broadcast digitally and is part of SFS 'anniversary seminars - a seminar series on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

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Date: March 19 12.15-13.00
Link to the broadcast: https://twitch.tv/sfsjubileumwebinar

On March 19, it is exactly 100 years since the unions met in Lund for "deliberations on the formation of a national student union of the Swedish student unions". It was March 19, 1921 and the meeting decided that the organization would be further called Sweden's United Student Unions. The same afternoon the first statutes were adopted.

The historian and editor of SFS's anniversary publication, Martin Dackling, will, during the webinar with the help of current and previous presidials, take us on a journey from SFS 'starting shot to what SFS has become and how we see the future.

SFS anniversary seminars are part of SFS '100th anniversary celebrations in 2021. During the year, we will arrange seminars around the country. Each seminar has a theme and we will deal with current political issues that concern both the academy and students' life situation. The seminars are currently digital due to current corona restrictions, but may be arranged physically later. SFS follows the situation closely and follows the Public Health Agency's restrictions.