For members

Welcome to the member page!

This page is aimed at you who have an assignment in one of SFS 'member corps or are otherwise involved in SFS. Here we have gathered all the information you may need about SFS, the activities SFS organizes and other good information. Here you will also find all information about SFSFUM 2021. Under the heading A guide to SFS, you can download our introduction with a guide to SFS activities, this also serves as a good base for holding information sessions about SFS.

For events and meetings for members, check out our calendar of events which we update regularly, otherwise you can subscribe to the member calendar (google calendar) here. You will find the latest news under News and the category "Member news".

If you want to see the seminar: "Motivating non-profits" that Aron Schoug Öhman held for SFS memberships on 1/6 2021, you will find it here. 


SFSFUM is SFS's highest decision-making body, here you can read all about SFSFUM 2021 and about previous SFSFUM.

Be involved and influence - become a student representative!

Every year, SFS nominates and appoints a large number of representatives to national bodies and groups within authorities such as UHR, UKÄ and CSN.