Corona safe events

This page is constantly updated. Last updated: 7 / 12-2020

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic and associated restrictions, the activities and events organized by student unions around the country have had to be adapted and adjusted. During the autumn, we have talked to all SFS member corps and all have made adjustments and put a lot of work into arranging a safe and secure business. You have canceled events when needed, but above all - rescheduled. 

Too many unions around the country also testify to an increased concern among students and a great need for community. It is important that we maintain contact with each other and support each other in these times. Here, the student unions play a very important role. It is therefore not always best to cancel completely, but what is needed are events and contexts where we can meet digitally or on site - in a way that is contagious. 

On this page, we have collected tips and recommendations from SFS member corps. These are not guidelines but tips to be able to help each other to carry out activities in the current way under current restrictions.

The Public Health Agency's guidelines
As a starting point, the Swedish Public Health Agency's (FHM) guidelines always apply private individuals and for activities. During the autumn, some regions also issued specific guidelines. Be sure to check these out when planning events. You will find the local councils here

When events are organized, a risk assessment should be made. Here you will find a template for risk assessment and other information for event organizers.

FHM has also developed an information campaign called "Everything is not as usual" for schools and higher education with posters and posters that can be used for information dissemination. You will find it here

Talks, communication and tips on “corona emails”

  • Have continuous conversations with universities and student associations, but also with individual students. Then it will be easier to make quick changes but also get an idea of ​​how the students are feeling and what the situation looks like.
  • Give the opportunity to ask questions - a corps suggests that they have one Corona email. Everyone can email there with thoughts, questions, things that worry them. For example, if they are worried that no restriction is being kept. 

For larger events, kicks, sittings and the like 

  • Reduce the number of participants at all events
  • Have rubbing alcohol available at each event 
  • Book larger rooms for the opportunity to keep your distance
  • Have clear regulations on how you can keep your distance at events. All unions have different conditions. For example, a union has a policy - In all of the union's premises, a maximum of 50% of the maximum capacity may be accommodated, there must be seated guests and furniture with regard to safe distances.

We have a policy that a maximum of 50% of the maximum capacity may be accommodated in the union's premises, there must be seated guests and furniture with regard to safe distances.

  • Look for partners within the municipality, such as a restaurant or similar with a routine to perform safe events. Have clear communication with them and ensure that the restrictions are followed. 
  • For kicks and other events with several groups - have a nailed schedule and schedule so that the groups do not collide. As well as having smaller groups. 
  • Close dialogue with all partners, universities and municipalities to ensure that the restrictions are met in the best possible way. 
  • Have outdoor events, especially many of the sporting events that are organized that have been held outdoors with successful results. 
  • Organize hybrid meetings, some on-site digitally and some physically. 
  • Organize digital events. 

Several unions received very positive feedback on the zeros. Students who felt that they were seen and given a lot of space. It is important to keep in mind. It is very sad that not all events can be carried out but a lot can be carried out in a safe way and you change and it can be a very successful result. 

In pubs and clubs 

  • Have table service with a butler who shows the company to the table 
  • Have a queue and "one way" to the bar 
  • Set up plexiglass at the bar 
  • Re-furnish the room so that there is a longer distance between the tables and no dance floor is created. If this is not possible, some corps have closed the dance floor completely. 
  • A corps has also tested nightclubs with "dance squares" that are spaced apart 
  • Have a limited number of people in the room in terms of number of people and the opportunity to keep your distance. 

We have introduced a one-way queuing system for the bar in our pub. In the bar, we have set up plexiglass at the checkout, the same as in many stores

The union building and smaller events 

  • Have as many meetings as possible digitally. If it is a physical meeting, give the opportunity to participate digitally and tell them that the opportunity exists. 
  • Have social events digitally, a corps tells about successful game nights digitally. 
  • Limited number of people allowed to stay in the union building.