Member activities

In addition to SFSFUM, SFS regularly arranges the following member activities. Invitation to SFS member activities goes to representatives of the unions that are members of SFS via email.

SFS Introduction Day

SFS introduction day is arranged once a year in early autumn. In 2020, the day will be held on 20 August.
The purpose of the introductory day is for all SFS members to get a common picture of how SFS works, how they can best work within SFS and which SFS works with and influences. In addition, the introductory day fulfills an important function as a meeting place for the country's union members when the financial year begins.
The introductory day traditionally takes place the day after UKÄ's student day and functions more as an introduction to the student movement and its politics rather than the university landscape as such.

Member meetings

SFS usually arranges two member meetings, one at the end of the autumn and one at the beginning of the spring. The purpose of the member meetings is primarily to provide feedback on SFS's activities, discuss current issues and anchor or obtain proposals that will be added to the council meeting later in the financial year.
Member meeting in autumn is arranged by a member corps that is not in Stockholm, while our member meeting is arranged by a member corps in Stockholm or under SFS 'own auspices. The host corps is always assigned its own passport.
The member meetings usually take place from lunch to lunch with dinner and evening events and are an important meeting point for creating cohesion within the student movement.

Digital member meetings

SFS conducts ongoing digital membership meetings. The purpose of the digital member meetings is to anchor and discuss current issues and share experiences between unions. The digital member meetings function more as a forum for continuous discussion and reconciliation and can be conducted on a more regular and flexible basis.