Handling of personal data

What data does SFS manage?

SFS handles personal data that is necessary for the person engaged or employed to be able to carry out their mission. The information that SFS handles refers to personal data such as name, social security number, telephone number, address and email address. When traveling abroad, passport details are also requested and for certain assignments emergency contact information is also requested. The purpose is for SFS to be able to inform the contact person if something happens to the participant. It is in the interest of both the participant and the next of kin to get in touch with each other if necessary. For those who are to receive financial compensation, bank details are handled: bank, clearing number and account number. 

SFS also handles personal data for those who participate in member activities. It is only the information provided by the participant himself and the information relates to food, accommodation and accessibility needs. When booking accommodation, participants can be asked if they wish to share a room with a man, woman or other. After the event, the data is deleted. 

SFS handles supplementary data that follows from agreements in connection with employment or remuneration. The legal basis in these cases is legal obligation. 

Image and sound recording

As part of SFS' operations, images from events are used in communication. In the case of picture and sound recording, participants are asked for permission, this is done in connection with registration for the event. The legal grounds are balance of interests respectively consent. Because SFS works with national student influence, SFS needs to be aware of and disseminate information about the higher education political landscape as well as other political areas that are relevant to students as a group. For those who are active in one of the political areas where SFS operates, SFS can therefore handle the data as part of the business. When actively participating in open discussions, SFS can share the name, student union affiliation and photos of the participant as part of SFS's communication.

Sharing and storing data

SFS shares data with other actors when necessary. It may, for example, refer to bank details for making payments, these are shared with the financial management agency or equivalent. Information is shared with external parties regarding accommodation bookings, food preferences and the like when necessary. 

Those who take part in the information received are the SFS office and presidium. If necessary, information can be shared further, this mainly applies when SFS nominates people for assignments in other organizations and then the information is shared with the necessary organizations. SFS conveys the contact details of member associations to government authorities and ministries.

The information is stored on SFS websites and cloud services that belong to suppliers or subcontractors of the IT services SFS uses. SFS can archive names and possible corps affiliation as well as pictures, for example in meeting documents and in SFS information channels. Before SFS archives the data, an assessment is always made based on the legitimate interests or the consent given by the person. 

Deletion of data

When communicating with SFS, the information provided by the person himself is handled. SFS deletes correspondence within two years. Information that is archived, for example certain information that forms the basis for reports and investigations, is anonymized to the greatest extent possible. 

For those applying for an assignment in SFS, the applicant's information that has been provided as well as any information from reference persons or the equivalent is handled restrictively. SFS deletes the information close to the end of recruitment. These refer to both the recruitment of positions and positions of trust. 


For those who want further information about SFS's handling of data or want information about what data SFS has if it is handled, request via [email protected]. Matters of this nature must be dealt with expeditiously.

The contact person and data protection officer for SFS is the operations coordinator.