The focus question

During the business year 2023/2024, we are working on developing a new three-year political focus issue to be voted on during FUM 24. It will apply for a three-year period, between 2024/25-2026/27. 

This page will exist so that the member unions can stay updated on how the work is going, but also so that you can leave input. We have a form where you can send in input, questions and comments:

Update 5 December 2023:
New form above. Members are welcome to make contributions based on the working group's proposal for a focus issue.



The board had its first board meeting and then a working group was voted in, consisting of:
Klara Dryselius
Jacob Farnert
Rasmus Lindstedt
Hugo Diebitsch Antoni
Agnes Karonen
Simon Ågren


The working group drew up proposals for a timetable for the board meeting. The timetable is the one you see here on this page and it was approved by the board at our second board meeting. 


In October, the working group completed the documents for the members' meeting, which you can see here. After that, the member's meeting in Umeå started and thus the member unions got their first chance to give input to the new political focus issue. 


The working group has had a meeting and produced one or more proposals for a new political focus issue. That document will be sent out some time before our digital membership meeting. 

That meeting will, among other things, touch on the new political focal issue. SFS will present our first proposal during this meeting and of course wants to get input, thoughts and reflections on our proposal.


The working group has worked out a first proposal for the orientation of a new political focus issue. You will find it here, logged in mode required.

We would like to emphasize that the text is a first draft and that we are happy to take input further into the process.