How is increased quality created in teacher education? see the entire webinar here

Today, SFS arranged the seminar: How to create good quality in teacher education? The discussions were based on the investigation "Increased quality in teacher education and more teachers in schools".

Many thanks to our panel: 

  • Anders J Persson, Academic Leader for Teacher Education at Södertörn University and Vice Chairman of the Teacher Education Convention
  •  Rebecca Linderholm, teacher student and SFS representative in SUHF's expert group in teacher education issues
  • Johanna Jaara Åstrand, Chairman of the Swedish Teachers' Association
  • Roger Haddad, Education Policy Spokesman and Member of Parliament for the Liberals
  • Pia Nilsson, member of the Education Committee and Member of Parliament for the Social Democrats

Thanks also to Jacob Adamowicz who moderated. 

If you missed the seminar, you can now see it in its entirety here.