Student representatives to UKÄ's reference group for the national quality assurance system 


SFS is looking for student representatives to be part of UKÄ's reference group for the national quality assurance system. The University Chancellor's Office (UKÄ) is a government authority that reviews the quality of higher education and the higher education institutions' systems for quality assurance of higher education and research. The authority also follows up and analyzes developments and trends within Swedish higher education, is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of the higher education institutions' resource utilization and is responsible for all official statistics in the higher education sector. In addition to this, UKÄ exercises legal supervision over all universities and colleges.

UKÄ has three reference groups to receive views and convey information about the work with the quality assurance system. The reference group relevant to the assignment includes representatives of the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS), the Swedish Association of Universities and University Colleges (SUHF) and the Swedish University Teachers and Researchers (SULF). 

The reference group has a total of about 4 meetings per year, about 3 hours at a time. Three of the meetings are held digitally and one physically at UKÄ's premises in Stockholm. 

The assignment is not remunerated, but SFS reimburses any travel expenses. 

The mandate period is from 2023-07-01 to and including 2024-06-30. 

We are looking for 

SFS shall nominate two members to the reference group. 

It is advantageous if you have insight into quality work of higher education and research and basic knowledge of the new quality assurance system. The nominees must have relevant competence for assessment of the area of ​​the education. We are looking for people who are or have recently been students/doctoral students in the courses or subject areas to which the applications apply, or in related courses or subject areas. Experience of working with issues related to the educational environment and student influence is an advantage.

UKÄ wants proposals for both women and men.

Send the following information to [email protected] within June 26, 2023 to apply

to the assignment:

● CV including name, year of birth, contact details and registered/completed university education

● Shorter personal motivation

The above information will be sent to UKÄ in connection with the SFS collective nomination. By submitting this information, you agree that SFS processes your data in line with SFS's personal data policy.

For questions contact [email protected]