Call for nominations for the SFS quality committee, SQC

SFS is looking for two members for the SFS quality committee SQC, which is SFS's advisory body in matters of quality assurance and quality development. One member is sought for one year and the other for two, the assignment begins on 2024/07/01 and ends on 2025/06/30 and 2026/06/30 respectively. SQC consists of 3 members, including a presidiary, and answers to the SFS board. The assignment may include representation at conferences and other national and international events.

About the mission  

SFS's quality committee has a multifaceted mission within education policy and education monitoring, above all the national quality assurance system. SQC functions as a knowledge and competence center that aims to strengthen the student movement in matters of quality in higher education. The committee also works to act as a knowledge node for the entire higher education sector regarding quality assurance and quality development from a student perspective.

During the last business year, much of the committee's focus has been on organizing meetings with the network for education managers, monitoring quality issues within the sector and being the students' voice in the University Chancellor's Office's work with the national quality assurance system. However, each committee's exact focus and activities are decided jointly at the beginning of the financial year, and you as a member have a great opportunity to influence this. The assignment is estimated to take up to three (3) hours a week in addition to any conferences and participation. 

Expectations and commitments

SQC's work with quality issues requires commitment from committee members and may include participation in conferences and meetings which may involve some time spent traveling, mainly nationally, but in some cases also internationally. The work is led by the responsible presidium for quality issues. SFS's board expects SQC to identify relevant issues that SFS can pursue at national and international level.

The SFS board expects members of the SQC to:

  • they participate actively during, as well as between, SQC's meetings and any participations.
  • they have an interest in quality issues in higher education.
  • they distribute responsibilities within SQC among themselves.
  • they have knowledge or an interest in familiarizing themselves with national and international issues.
  • they are aware of and follow SFS' established guidelines and opinions in parts relevant to the assignment.

SQC can expect from the SFS board that trust is given in matters of quality assurance and quality development in higher education. In addition, SQC can expect that continuous feedback is provided and that the board continually gathers experience and provides SQC with relevant board documents.

Qualifications and merits

Qualifications for the assignment are a genuine interest in educational issues at local and national level as well as the applicant having knowledge and/or interest in familiarizing themselves with the parts of SFS guidelines that are relevant to the assignment. It is advantageous if you, the applicant, have experience in and/or a great interest in working with quality assurance and quality development of higher education at various levels.

The preparation process

The SQC is appointed by the SFS board on May 25, 2024. Prior to the board's decision, the matter is prepared through interviews with candidates, these are carried out by a preparation group consisting of people from the board and the SQC. The interviews will be held continuously via Zoom. 

Nomination and application

Nomination of members must be done by a member union, a member of a member union or a board member of SFS. The nomination must contain:

  • The candidate's personal letter with a justification as to why the person is interested in the assignment and comments on which clusters/policy areas the person has experience or interest in. 
  • The candidate must state for which term(s) the assignment is sought.
  • The candidate's CV that describes the formal qualifications in the form of education, work experience and other qualifications relevant to the assignment, including elected positions. 
  • Candidate's contact details: phone number and email address.
  • Any contact details for the person responsible for the nomination.

If the above criteria are not met, the nomination will not be assessed. The nomination (with the above information) must be received by SFS no later than 23:59 on Monday 13 May and sent to SFS chairman Jacob Färnert, [email protected]. Mark the email with "Application/Nomination: SQC".

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about the assignment or the preparation process, you are most welcome to contact SQC via [email protected] or to responsible presidium Jacob Färnert via [email protected] or telephone 070 545 75 57.