Student representative to UKÄ's reference group when reviewing the ordinance (1993: 1153) on reporting of studies etc. at universities and colleges

SFS is now looking for a student representative who will be part of the University Chancellor's Office (UKÄ)'s assignment to carry out a review of the ordinance (1993: 1153) on the reporting of studies etc. at universities and colleges. 

The ordinance on the reporting of studies, etc. at universities and colleges contains provisions on the respective university's study register, on Statistics Sweden's university and college register and on the University and College Council's admissions register. Some of the authorities concerned have argued that the Regulation is difficult to apply effectively and have therefore called for a review.

The assignment includes that:

• inventory the problems of the relevant authorities with the application of the Regulation

• assess the amendments that are necessary for the effective application of the Regulation by the relevant authorities;

• assess how the regulation can be given a more modern and technology-neutral design

• assess whether individual training providers should be covered by the Regulation and what legal conditions apply to it

• investigate whether organizations, companies or other private actors, such as student housing agencies, should have access to information in the admission and study registers through direct access or electronic disclosure in another way

• submit the necessary constitutional proposals and justify these proposals.

The assignment will start immediately after the summer of 2022 and will last until the end of December 2023. The assignment will probably involve two or three meetings per semester which cover two hours per occasion. In addition, participants in the reference group may need to submit comments on draft texts via email.

If necessary, the participants in the reference group can also be offered the opportunity to be part of one or more working groups that UKÄ will form to handle the various parts of the assignment, in which case these working groups increase the workload. 

Most meetings will be conducted digitally, but there may be physical meetings at UKÄ's premises in Stockholm. UKÄ is responsible for any travel costs on these occasions. 

Read the Government's job description for UKÄ in the document attached below.

We are looking for:

SFS has been asked to nominate for one (1) student representative position in the reference group. As UKÄ strives for an even gender distribution in the reference group, SFS will nominate a woman and a man for the assignment, and UKÄ appoints who will be appointed.

It is an advantage to have insight into the Data Protection Ordinance. 

The application is sent to [email protected] , last application date is 24 August 2022.

The application must contain

  • CV (including personal information)
  • a motivation for why you are applying for the assignment and a brief overview of relevant experiences

Do not hesitate to contact Leo Jonason if you have questions about the assignment and feel free to read the government decision for the assignment below. 

Read more about what it means to be a student representative here: