Announcement of student representative for Climate Network

SFS is looking for a student representative for the universities' climate network. 


SFS is looking for a student representative to participate in the Universities' climate network. The purpose of the Climate Network is to strengthen learning, exchange and cooperation between the universities in the climate area, share good examples of the universities' climate work, contribute with new ideas and perspectives, and facilitate the universities to fulfill their part of the Paris Agreement. The climate network is half financed by Formas and Vinnova, and half by the universities. The climate network is funded for 4 years. Here you can read more about the Climate Network. 

Estimated time required: 

The climate network has approximately one hour-long meeting a month. Any preparation or tasks before the meetings may occur. The meetings have so far taken place digitally and will continue to do so because the participants in the network are spread out across the country. A physical encounter may possibly occur. SFS is responsible for any travel costs. The mandate is for one year.

We are looking for:

SFS is now looking for a student to participate in the network. Experience with and/or knowledge of climate and sustainability is advantageous.

The application is sent to [email protected] .

The application must contain

  • CV (including personal information)
  • a motivation for why you are applying for the assignment and a brief overview of relevant experiences

Read more about what it means to be a student representative here: