Student representative to SUHF's expert group for ethical issues

The purpose of the group is to strengthen and support the sector's work in dealing with research ethics issues, handling and consequences of misconduct, to promote good research practice and facilitate legally secure work with disciplinary matters, and in certain matters to provide the basis for the sector to be able to act jointly in the area through SUHF .

SUHF's expert group for ethical issues must, among other things

  • Create an arena for a nuanced conversation about mistakes, errors and cheating as well as how universities create the conditions for taking responsibility in helping each other do the right thing.
  • Have a joint discussion about how higher education institutions deal with accusations of misconduct or proven misconduct at higher education institutions, in the short and long term.
  • Follow the establishment of the new misconduct committee and analyze the consequences of the new system, this should also include the universities' own handling of violations of good research ethics that fall outside the concept of misconduct.
  • Conduct dialogue with external actors, who manage preventive work as well as consequences of misconduct investigations and proven misconduct, such as research funders
  • Monitor the establishment of the new ethics review authority, take inventory of how universities handle issues such as compliance with the Ethics Review Act, consent, training and information regarding research ethics, and identify practices

The group will meet 2–3 times per semester. More about the assignment can be found at SUHF's website.


For the assignment, we are looking for a PhD student who can make use of knowledge and experience from the student movement, experience with issues in ethics, misconduct, good research ethics is a merit. You advantageously have experience of discussions in this area from your university. The assignment is not remunerated. Any travel costs are covered by SFS. 

The application must contain:

  • Personal letter 
  • CV of the candidate with relevant experience and qualifications as well as contact details
  • Information about which student union you belong to (student at a member union is meritorious)

The application must reach us no later than December 17 and be sent to [email protected].

Read more about what it means to be a student representative here.

Document that regulates the assignment