The application for Student City of the Year 2022/2023 is now open!

The Swedish National Union of Students, SFS, has awarded the Student City of the Year award since 1999. The award is given to a city that actively works to promote students' situation and living.

Part of the purpose is to highlight good examples of what the city does to improve for students' situation, and thus inspire other cities to become Student City of the Year. The winner of the Student City of the Year award is also expected to organize the SFS council in 2023.


Applications for Student City of the Year are made by (at least) a student union together with the municipality at the university. If you also want to include several parties, such as the university, another part of the public sector or the business community, they are welcome to apply.

Download the PDF below and fill it in to apply, this is most easily done with Acrobat Reader. Then send the completed PDF to [email protected] no later than 30 November.

Previous winners

2020/2021 Borås
2019/2020 Halmstad
2018/2019 Östersund
2017/2018 Gävle
2016/2017 Linköping
2015/2016 Uppsala
2014/2015 Trollhättan
2013/2014 Norrköping
2012/2013 Eskilstuna & Västerås

In 2011/2012, SFS took a break from awarding the prize to evaluate and renew the nomination process.

2010/2011 Örebro
2009/2010 Karlstad
2008/2009 Skövde
2007/2008: Gotland
2006: Umeå
2005: The Blekinge region 
2003: Luleå 
2001: Växjö
2000: Sundsvall
1999: Linköping

For questions, email [email protected]