New report from SFS maps special educational support

All students with a permanent disability have a legal right to receive special educational support. Nevertheless, we see that there are variations in what access looks like at different universities. In a new report, SFS maps the access to educational support at 43 universities and colleges in Sweden, and presents proposals that we believe can improve the situation.

In connection with the launch of the report, SFS is arranging a live panel discussion. See the conversation afterwards on Facebook. We present our conclusions and the panel provides input. The panel consists of:

  • Gunilla Lindqvist, senior lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy, Didactics and Educational Studies, Uppsala University
  • Lotten Glans, chairman SUHF's expert group for study administrative issues, head of administration, Mittuniversitetet
  • Johanna Forsberg, chairman Young Hearing Impaired
  • Åsa Westlund, vice chair and spokesperson for the Social Democrats in the education committee
  • Moderator: Jacob Färnert, vice chairman SFS

Read the report here: