About Swedish National Union of Students


SFS is an association of student unions at Swedish universities and colleges. SFS has about fifty member corps which together represent approximately 350 students and doctoral students.

SFS has the task of representing the interests of members and students. SFS represents students with different backgrounds and from different types of education, therefore SFS has a unique opportunity to speak for the student group as a whole. This means that SFS is regarded as an important interlocutor for decision-makers who decide on issues concerning higher education and students, such as the Riksdag and the government.


Sweden's United Student Unions has about fifty of the country's student unions among its members.


Komit represents SFS internationally, as in the European Students' Union.


SQC is the Swedish United Student Union's committee for quality issues.

You can be involved and influence. Become a student representative!

Every year, SFS nominates and appoints a large number of representatives to national bodies and groups within authorities such as UHR, UKÄ and CSN.

Our business

SFS's task is to represent the members 'interests and to monitor and disseminate information on educational, research and study social issues concerning the students' situation, both nationally and internationally.


Here we collect reports published by SFS, including our annual housing report.