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Why become a member?

SFS is the unified student voice that pursues common issues concerning students at a national and international level. As the overall student vote, SFS's main task is to represent the interests of the member unions and students. This means influencing issues that are important to students. SFS is a member-run organization that is based on basic democratic principles and is non-partisan and non-religious.

SFS does not work with individual higher education institutions, but this does its own corps the best. SFS, on the other hand, gathers corps around the country that together decide the priorities and which common important issues are to be pursued at national and international level. 

As a member, the student union receives a forum to meet other student unions and elected representatives. SFS offers members to participate in council meetings, member meetings and network meetings where we discuss, learn from each other and invite interesting guests for further training. 

How do you do to join as a member of SFS?

The decision on the application for membership in SFS must be made in the corps' highest decision-making assembly and then processed by the SFS council. The SFS council decides on entry with a simple majority. In order for the application to be processed at the next SFS council meeting, the application for membership must reach the SFS board no later than one month before the regular council meeting.

What is an interim membership?

The SFS board has the right to try and grant an interim membership that is valid until the SFS council decides on the membership at the next meeting. A corps with intermerist membership may participate in the SFS general council but may not vote on the issue of its own membership. When the decision on intermeristic membership is processed, the board can decide on a reduction in the membership fee until the end of the budget year.

How is the membership fee calculated?

The membership fee for the business year 2023/24 is SEK 6 per represented full-year student, doctoral student and base year participant. All member unions must report the number of represented students within their area of ​​activity before the SFS council. The reported figure is then the basis for the membership fee.

How do you apply to resign from SFS?

It is the SFS general council that decides on withdrawal from SFS. A written application for withdrawal from SFS must be submitted to the SFS board no later than 5 weeks before the regular SFS council to be processed at the next council meeting. A member union that has been granted withdrawal from SFS is immediately deprived of its representation on the council. Regardless of when the withdrawal takes place, the obligation to pay the membership fee does not end until six months after the withdrawal notification was received by SFS