The Swedish National Union of Students was formed in 1921 on the initiative of Hans Kristoffersson, then vice chairman of the University of Gothenburg's student union, when there was a desire for increased participation in European student cooperation. In March 1921, Sweden's then student unions gathered in Lund and formed a national organization for the Swedish students which was named the Swedish National Union of Students. Erik Johansson from Uppsala Student Union was appointed SFS's first chairman.

Initially, SFS's main task was to coordinate the Swedish students in international affairs, because a national organization was required to participate in various international organizations and conferences. In 1930, SFS's activities were expanded with the decision to carry out a socio-economic investigation to show the government the students' need for a lower ticket price on the railways and the influence organization SFS was born.

SFS's work areas have since been continuously broadened and today SFS works with all issues related to educational issues and students' situation.

Over the years, SFS has been involved and influenced most areas of education policy. Below is a selection of these:

  • Increased student funding and a changed student funding system
  • That there is a study grant at all (if we go far back in time)
  • The Equal Treatment Act for students in higher education, now incorporated into the Discrimination Act
  • That the universities have diversity plans
  • That pedagogical competence should be important in the appointment
  • That the student unions have the right to make their contribution to the university's annual report (which then forms the basis for grant allocation and the university's status)
  • The fact that diversity is discussed at all in universities is probably to a large extent the merit of the student movement, even though we have been helped by EU legislation.
  • All laws that ensure student influence in the university, ie more or less the entire Chapter 6. HF.
  • Representation at national level (HSV, CSN, VHS etc., that SFS is always consulted in all investigations)
  • Construction of student housing (in fact, the shortage of student housing, which was completely acute in 2001, was quickly eliminated)
  • A survey of the security systems (even if not everything has been remedied, they have managed to gain an understanding of the situation)
  • Better conditions for students with children (child supplement to the study grant, right to be at home with a sick child, etc.)
  • SFS has founded Kilroy and the Student Card
  • A major impact on the situation of students in Europe
  • Great influence on the Bologna process, especially the social dimension
  • SFS has been involved in influencing the design and scope of discounts for students

Earlier projects

Over the years, SFS has provided a number of projects that are now completely or largely completed:

  • Best party
  • gene DR
  • SFS adult