Committees and collaborations

In order to gather competence and commitment within a certain category of issues, the board appoints committees. There are currently three committees within SFS:

Komit and SQC are led by SFS's chairman or deputy chairman, while SFS-DK is led by a separate chairman appointed by the board. For more information about each committee, see the related pages in the left menu.

To be a serious voice in the sphere of influence concerning student and university policy issues, SFS is part of a number of formal and informal collaborations. SFS is, for example, members of the European Students union (ESU), the associations Science and the general public and Non-profit arena and has close collaborations with relevant authorities, the Swedish University and College Association (SUHF) and the Swedish university teachers and researchers (SULF) and others.

To gather other organizations around a certain issue, SFS provides constellations. SFS currently provides a constellation concerning teacher education, the Students' constellation for teacher education (SKLU), which you can read more about on the accompanying page. The SKLU collaboration is currently paused.