Group picture during NOM82, which was arranged by Komit in Gothenburg 2022.

International Committee - Committee

Komit is SFS's committee for international affairs and acts as delegation and expert committee for international affairs for SFS. The committee represents SFS in, among others, the Nordic Presidents 'Meeting (NOM) and the European Students' Union (ESU). The aim of the committee is to provide SFS with a permanent and stable international presence. The committee has four members and is chaired by a president. The committee conducts student policy issues in accordance with SFS's program of principles and political positions.  

Nordic Chairman's Meeting, NOM
The Nordic Presidents' Meeting is a collaboration between the Nordic (including the Baltics) national student organizations. The aim of NOM is to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding Nordic policy regarding higher education.

European Students' Union, ESU
Read more about ESU here
European Students' Union is a central organization at European level for Europe's national student organizations. ESU aims to strengthen students' education, democracy and social rights. ESU holds two congresses a year called Board meetings, BM. The ESU's Board is called the Executive Committee and are the ones who, together with the Bureau, pursue the ESU's policy towards, among others, the EU Commission. The organization is based in Brussels.

National work
Komit also represents Sweden at the national level in discussions about implementation and influence of international student policy issues. This is done mainly through participation in various forums. In addition, the committee supports the Board's work on issues of an international nature. This is done in the form of recommendations and preparatory work.

Are you interested in Komit?
Are you interested in international student politics? Then you are welcome to apply to SFS Komit. The committee is appointed by the board and consists of four members, one of whom is a presidential. The term of office is two years and overlaps, there is also a one-year term of office.

SFS Komit is an expert committee, which means that the members are elected on a meritocratic basis.

We are looking for individuals with experience of:

  • strategic work
  • representative work
  • negotiation
  • political work.

You need to be able to work:

  • active and self-propelled.
  • The work will take place both independently and in groups, both physically and online. 
  • The time required varies, some weeks are practically full time, while other periods are very quiet.

You reach the committee [email protected]
See Committee: p associated page in the organization register.