Teacher education - SKLU

SFS's board has made the assessment that teacher education is a national matter. This means that it is greatly influenced by national decision-makers instead of, for example, regional or university-specific ones. UKÄ has also made the assessment that teacher education is of the importance that it is assigned a special section in UKÄ's annual report.

In order to gather competence and be able to have a reasonably common line, SFS brings together other organizations within the constellation Students' constellation for teacher education (SKLU). SKLU includes the following:

  • SFS presidial who is responsible for teacher education issues
  • SFS representative in SUHF's working group for teacher education
  • Chairman of the Student Teachers' Association
  • Chairman of the Swedish Teachers' Association's student association

Together, SKLU discusses what the challenges of teacher education are from a student perspective and, above all, to those in power.

SKLU is currently (November 2020) paused due to cooperation difficulties between different organizations within the cooperation.