Quality Committee - SQC

The SFS Quality Committee (SQC) is a committee within the SFS consisting of three non-profit members and one chairman and has the following aims:

  • Provide SFS student pool and support the Bureau of the Administration of Student Assessors in the National Quality Assurance System
  • Develop SFS's advocacy work regarding quality issues in higher education. This includes being an advisory body to SFS's board and presidium and be a driving force in these matters internally within SFS.
  • Represent SFS in relevant contexts that concern quality issues in higher education
  • Arouse commitment and increase competence in quality issues within SFS

SQC meets once or twice a month and discusses current quality-related issues and provides training and networking for member associations. SQC functions as a hub for quality issues within the student movement and for ongoing contact with relevant actors regarding the national quality system and its development.

You reach SQC on [email protected].