Membership FAQ

How do you join a membership in SFS?

Decisions on applications for membership in SFS must be made in the union's highest decision-making assembly and then processed by SFS's council. The SFS council decides on entry by a simple majority.

In order for the application to be considered at the next SFS council meeting, the application for membership must be received by SFS's board no later than one month before the regular council meeting.

What is an interim membership?

SFS's board has the right to try and grant an interim membership that is valid until SFS's council decides on membership at the next meeting. A union with interim membership may participate in the SFS council but may not vote on the issue of its own membership.

When the decision on interim membership is considered, the board can decide on a reduction in the membership fee until the end of the financial year.

How do you apply to leave SFS?

It is the SFS council that decides on withdrawal from SFS.

A written application for resignation from SFS must be submitted to SFS's board no later than 15 December to be considered at the upcoming ordinary SFS council meeting. 

A membership that has been granted resignation from SFS is immediately deprived of its council representation.

How is the membership fee calculated?

The membership fee is SEK 6 per represented full-time student. All member corps must report the number of students represented in their area of ​​activity to the SFS council. The reported number then forms the basis for the membership fee.

How do we resolve a lost invoice?

Contact the organizational secretary at SFS's office if the invoice for SFS membership fee has been lost.