The YH network

The YH network is for student representatives within the university of applied sciences. The next meeting takes place on April 22, see more in the event calendar.

Now SFS is starting a new network, and this time for university of applied sciences students! The aim is to create a meeting place for exchange of experience and discussion between student representatives within the university of applied sciences. 

The fact that students are represented in all education management groups means a great opportunity for influence and development of the university of applied sciences' educations. The role of student representative is therefore important, and in the best case contributes to a higher quality of the education and valuable experiences and contacts for the representative. But the role can sometimes also feel unclear and a bit lonely. There is a lot to learn from each other, and that is why we are starting a network where you student representatives can meet, brainstorm ideas and exchange experiences.

The network meets approximately five times per academic year and the meetings will deal with different themes. The meetings will contain both information sessions and free discussions, and we will design the network together based on the wishes and needs of the members. Both adjunct and regular representatives are welcome to participate in the network.

Registration is done here. If you have questions about the network, please contact us [email protected].