Network for student safety representatives

The network for student safety representatives within SFS exists to create a meeting place for student safety representatives and an opportunity to identify common goals, coordinate efforts and strengthen knowledge about students' work environment issues and work environment work. 

The network is aimed at you who are a student safety representative or come from a member of SFS and have tasks related to the students' work environment and the university's work environment work. The network is not intended for people who are employed and receive their assignment directly from the university. The network is also not intended for people whose work environment responsibilities exclusively concern the student union's own employees. 

The network offers an introductory training for student safety representatives that touches on the basics of physical, organizational and social work environment, equal treatment, work environment work and work with active measures. In addition, the network offers network meetings in digital or physical form and also aims to be a forum for dialogue between the participants. 

Do you want to join the network? Get in touch [email protected]. Upcoming network meetings are posted in SFS's event calendar.