Network for education managers

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The network brings together education managers at SFS 'member corps. Those responsible for education are those who are ultimately responsible for the student union's representation vis - à - vis the higher education institution and the organization of the student union's student influence. Exactly who does this varies between different corps. Often there is a full-time paid student in a union board or union management, but sometimes it is the union chairman or a non-profit representative. Thus, member unions themselves choose who will be part of the network. 

The network is organized by SFS's quality committee, SQC, and aims to create a meeting place for the network's members. The network also fulfills the purpose of anchoring certain national issues of relevance to the network's members and to be generally competence-enhancing. External speakers can come to the network and talk to raise interesting or current issues.

If you have questions about the network, want to join or want to come and talk, feel free to email [email protected] then SQC will feedback to you. 

For the spring semester 2023, the network will meet on the following occasions.

  • 27 February 2023 at 15:15 – 17:00 – Theme course evaluations
    At this meeting we will focus on course evaluations! The academic year continues and the students have most likely answered a course evaluation. Course evaluations are a fundamental part of student influence and, according to the Higher Education Ordinance, must be carried out in connection with all courses given in higher education. The results from course evaluations usually also form the basis for the future development of the education.
    Since course evaluations are such a central part of the education, will we therefore discuss course evaluations at this meeting? How is it best designed? How do formative course assessments work? Is the summative course evaluation useful? How can we encourage more people to respond to course evaluations? Are there ways that the student union can use course evaluations in its work with student influence and education monitoring? Many exciting questions that we will tackle at the next meeting for the network for education managers!