Student representatives

SFS presidium has a right to appoint student representatives through a mandate from SFS's board. The student representatives are the student movement's extended arm in forums that concern national student and university policy forums.

The primary task for the student representative is to ensure that the student perspective is raised in the national education policy arena. If it's unclear to you, it's probably unclear to other students.

Most student representatives are very informative and a great merit to have on your CV.

Several of our student representative assignments are remunerated and can be seen as a qualified extra job.   

At the bottom of the page are some blog posts from our previous student representatives collected:

Are you ready to take on the next big mission?

If you are interested in taking on a national student representative assignment, you can see if there are vacancies or if any of the groups in the organizational register have vacancies. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]