Malmö is the Student City of the Year 2021/2022

From left: Lilli Auginski, Linn Svärd, Zeynep Erdal, Kerstin Tham, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Matin Farzad (photographer: Fredrik Johansson)

A city to live and thrive in both before, during and after their studies and the students are seen as an obvious part of the city's development. That is why the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) names Malmö the Student City of the Year 2021/22. 

Every year, the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) awards the Student City of the Year award to a city that excels in its work to create a good study and living environment for students. 2021/2022 is awarded the Malmö award. 

“Malmö is a city that shows a well-functioning student influence. In Malmö, it is clear that the students are an obvious part of the city and therefore it is now fantastic fun to be awarded Malmö this award. Their work to encourage study has been very inspiring and we hope that the Student City of the Year 2021/2022 award will continue to inspire to strengthen the students' voice in the city, the university and the student unions ”

Linn Svärd Vice Chairman of SFS 

The "Student City of the Year" award has been presented since 1999 and is the only one of its kind. Malmö University, Malmö City, Student Union Malmö and the Dental Student Union in Malmö jointly receive the award. 


The city that receives the Student City of the Year award must be characterized by good collaboration between students, the city and the university, and it is with pride that SFS names Malmö the Student City of the Year 2021/2022. The award goes to a city that is not afraid of new challenges. A city that always has development in focus. A city that is proud of its students. A city that is prepared to do everything to make students happy - before, during, and after their education. The City of Malmö, Malmö University, Malmö Student Union and the Odontological Student Union Malmö conduct structured work to strengthen the student city Malmö. Malmö is a student city to study, live and thrive in. The city safeguards students' well-being and shows a well-integrated student influence in all processes.

SFS visits Malmö to hand out the award

SFS Vice Chairman Linn Svärd went to Malmö to congratulate Malmö University, the Student Union Malmö, the Odontological Student Union Malmö and the City of Malmö on the award and talk about what the award means to them in the future.

Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, chair of the Municipal Board of the City of Malmö, spoke about what the award means for Malmö as a city. 

“The students mean a lot to us and this award is proof that we are many who in different ways together have managed to make Malmö an attractive student city /… /. We are on the right track and will continue to develop Malmö as a student city in the future. I look forward to being able to welcome more students here. ” 

Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Chairman of the Municipal Board of the City of Malmö

From Malmö University, we spoke with Kerstin Tham, who is the Rector of Malmö University. 

“The award has a symbolic meaning, in the same way that we received university status three years ago. For our students, two-thirds of whom belong to first-generation academics, this means a great deal. So it's absolutely amazing ” 

Kerstin Tham, Rector of Malmö University. 

The student unions that are awarded the award are the Malmö Student Union and the Malmö Student Dental Union. 

"I feel very happy that our strategies have worked and that we have had many projects that have been taken all the way to the port /… / I also feel very proud of the collaboration with the other student union, the university and the city" 

Matin Farzad, Chairman, Odontological Student Union Malmö

“It feels so incredibly fun, the whole application process was valuable in itself and helped us refine our vision of what Malmö student city will become. Now it will be extra fun to welcome student unions from all over the country to SFSFUM 2022 ” 

Lilli Auginski, Chairman, Student Union Malmö

Zeynep Erdal, student city coordinator, told about what will happen in the future. 

“This is a clear signal that we are on the right track, which feels incredibly fun. We are now continuing to work towards our goal of becoming Sweden's best student city /… /. We also look forward to planning for SFSFUM next year. ”

Zeynep Erdal, Student City Coordinator, City of Malmö & Malmö University