Consultation response

Ministry of Education

SFS Consultation response Changing professions as an adult – a reformed adult education and a new vocational school for adults (SOU 2024:16)

SFS recommends that the new vocational school should be able to be included in a komvux exam and thus give authorization to the university, but disapproves of proposals that part of the funding for the new form of education should come from reduced grants to colleges and universities. SFS has no views on other parts of the investigation.

Ministry of Justice

SFS Consultation response Stronger protection for public servants against violence, threats and harassment (SOU 2024:1)

SFS shares the assessment that stronger protection for students on police training is not needed.

The student unions we contacted believe that students on police training should, to the greatest extent possible, have the same conditions as other students. There is a concern that increased secrecy makes it more difficult for the student unions to reach out to students in police training with offers and membership recruitment activities. In the long run, this can weaken the police students' opportunity to participate in study social activities, to feel a sense of context at the university and not least to participate in the education monitoring part of the student influence.


SFS consultation response Security deposit for rental agreements (Ds 2023:32)

SFS supports the proposal to introduce a legally regulated system for a deposit as security for a rental agreement to be fulfilled in the case of private rental of housing.

SFS's view is that it is already relatively common for the lessor to request a deposit for private rentals and subletting. It is positive that a secure system for handling the deposit is being introduced.