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In Sweden, we students have a statutory right to student influence. This applies in part to our universities, but we also have the opportunity to influence operations at a national level. SFS nominates representatives for a wide range of assignments during the academic year and you have the opportunity to apply for one of them today.

Hear from Gustaf Bjurhammer Birck, long-standing student representative:

You can participate in groups that assess whether universities should receive examination permit. You can participate in INCLUDE's board, a group that promotes higher education institutions' work with diversity and broadened recruitment. You can also participate in the universities' climate network, which contributes to the universities' climate work.

The assignments are always instructive and a nice credit to have on your CV. Several of our student representative assignments are remunerated and can be seen as a qualified extra job.   

Anyone can apply for them, if specific qualifications are required they are printed. Do you have questions? Get in touch with our member coordinator whose contact details are on the left.