SFS 100th anniversary

100 years of student influence

2021 turns SFS one hundred years old. For a century, SFS has fought for all students' right to a good education and study situation. During the year we will look back at our own history and at what has happened during these hundred years. We will also raise issues that are relevant today and affect students' everyday lives.

It all started with a desire for increased participation in European student cooperation. The initiative was taken by Hans Kristoffersson, then vice chairman of the University of Gothenburg's student union. 

In March 1921, Sweden's then student unions gathered in Lund and formed a national organization for the Swedish students which was named the Swedish National Union of Students. Erik Johansson from Uppsala Student Union was appointed SFS's first chairman.

100 years later, SFS is an association of student unions at Swedish universities and colleges with about fifty member unions which together represent approximately 340 students. SFS is an important opinion-former in higher education policy and an important interlocutor for decision-makers on these issues. 

In 2021, we will highlight our successes and the importance of a national student influence. This page will be updated regularly and here you can keep track of all our investments during the year.

Be involved and influence - become a student representative!

Every year, SFS nominates and appoints a large number of representatives to national bodies and groups within authorities such as UHR, UKÄ and CSN.