SFS through the ages - see the webinar here

Today, March 19, 2021, it is exactly 100 years since the unions met in Lund for "deliberations on the formation of a Swedish student unions' national organization". The meeting decided that the organization would further be called the Swedish National Union of Students. The same afternoon the first statutes were adopted.

During this webinar, the historian and editor of SFS's anniversary publication, Martin Dackling, leads us through SFS's history with the help of previous presidents and SFS members who will also contribute texts to the anniversary publication.

Due to technical problems, there is no sound when Görel Sävborg visits. This clip is therefore not included in the recording. We would like to thank Görel for taking the time to participate in the conversation and for participating in SFS 'anniversary publication. In the publication, everyone will have the opportunity to read Görel tell about SFS in the 60s.