SFS has four new member clubs!

During the council meeting in Eskilstuna 5-7 May, SFS received four new membership groups! A warm welcome to the national student movement: The Military and Defense Academy's Cadet Corps, the Technology Corps at Luleå University of Technology, Marie Cederschiöld's Student Union and the Student Union at Johannelund's Theological College.

Linn Svärd is the president of the Swedish National Union of Students: 

- During the spring and autumn, my colleague Jacob Färnert and I traveled around Sweden and met about 50 corps, both existing and potential members. Student unions of all sizes and types are needed in the national student movement, it's nice to see that more unions want to join SFS. 

Isak is a board member of the Cadet Corps:

- We are a new student union, which was formed in 2019. We hope to become a little more established. We want to bring about collaborations within SFS, and see how other corps are doing. Our corps is a bit special, as we are made up of both civilian students and cadets. It is valuable to see how others are doing at their universities in order to improve our own conditions. 

Alexander Hurkmans is a union representative at the Technology Corps at Luleå University of Technology:

- We have looked at the problems that exist on our campus, and realized that we need to look at the national level to solve some of them. Being part of SFS is a way to make student life better for us here in Luleå. One example is the campus environments, which are owned by Akademiska Hus. We students need to come together to have an active dialogue with them.

Junior Naukkarinen is president of Marie Cederschiöld's student union:

- I have a very good image of SFS, it is bigger and more organized than I had expected. Now we want to familiarize ourselves with the issues on a national level, so far we have mostly focused on getting student influence on the corps up and running. 

The student union at Johannelund's Theological College did not have the opportunity to be present during the council.