SFS has three new members!

Emelie Carlström, chairman of the Gefle student union and Kim Jansson, chairman of the Mälardalen student union.

The Swedish National Union of Students, SFS, has three new members. This after the Gefle student union, Mälardalen student union and Sofiahemmet University student union joined SFS during the council meeting in Malmö 2022. 

It was during Friday 6 May at the SFS council meeting in Malmö that about 200 representatives from member unions made the decision. The three unions represent over 30 students. Consequently, even more students will have a formal opportunity to influence within SFS. 

- Previously, it has been a challenge within SFS to be able to represent the perspective of smaller memberships. We feel that SFS has become much better at this, nowadays it is more common for the presidium to join forces with member unions to put a local stamp on national issues, says Emelie Carlström from Gefle student union. 

The Swedish National Union of Students constitutes the national student influence and is the official reference body for students at the national level. Before the General Assembly, a total of 350 students were formally represented through their memberships. 

- It was a pleasure to welcome three student unions to our organization. During the spring, we had a dialogue with our new members about how SFS can represent all memberships, large and small. Our voices are stronger together, says Linn Svärd, chairman of the Swedish National Union of Students.