SFS international committée – Komit

SFS is a member of the European Students’ Union (ESU), an umbrella organisation with 47 members. ESU represents 11 million students who come from 39 countries in the European Higher Education Area. ESU’s mission is to represent, secure and reinforce students’ educational, political and social rights. ESU strives for sustainable, accessible and excellent higher education in Europe. More information about ESU can be accessed here. Komit represents SFS in ESU, through board meetings and the membership meetings European Students’ Convention. Both are held twice a year. The European Students’ Convention is preparatory to the board meetings. 

Komit also represents SFS in Nordiskt Ordförande Möte (NOM). NOM is made up by representatives from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Island, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, The Faroe Island, and Greenland.

The key focus at NOM meetings is shared issues in regard to the Nordic and Baltic countries. NOM is also a forum for sharing knowledge. 

In Sweden, Komit represents SFS on a national level, in discussions concerning the implementation and advocacy of international student issues. 

The four members of Komit are elected by the SFS board. One of these members also hold the chairmanship or vice chairmanship of SFS. The mandate period for Komit members is two years that are overlapping.

Komit’s main focus is to advice SFS chairmembers and members of the board in international student issues. SFS statutes and policies guide Komit.

If you have any questions, please contact Komit at [email protected]

To view the members of Komit please see the corresponding page in the organisational registry.