SFS launches handbook for student protection representatives 

Student protection representatives have a crucial role for the students' study environment, yet it has been difficult to find information about what rights students actually have. Now SFS is launching a handbook that aims to strengthen work environment work at the country's higher education institutions. 

Student protection agents are not completely different from workplace protection agents. They are representatives of students in matters relating to the study environment at universities and colleges, and work to ensure that students have a better physical and psychosocial work environment. 

For those who work, there are many books to read about work environment and work environment work. But despite the fact that there are almost half a million students in Sweden, it is surprisingly difficult to find information about which rights apply to the students' work environment. 

Therefore, the Swedish National Union of Students is launching the SSO handbook, a comprehensive but easily accessible review of most laws and regulations that apply to students' work environment. The manual is the first of its kind. 

- We know that deficiencies in the study environment have a major impact on, among other things, students' mental health. I hope that this handbook can strengthen student protection officers in their work to ensure that all students have a safe and functioning study environment, says Sebastian Lagunas Rosén, head of social policy at SFS who has written the handbook. 

The handbook is freely available as a PDF below, and will also be distributed in printed form to SFS member clubs at the autumn membership meeting. 

Read the SSO manual here!