SFS and universities in joint climate investment 

The Climate Network

Sustainability is a central issue that affects us all. The universities have a large part in the transition to a sustainable society, which means both reducing their own negative environmental and climate impact and contributing with research and to the rest of society. As the universities are large organisations, they have a significant impact on the environment and the climate. Here, SFS believes that there should be cross-university work for sustainable development.

That is why SFS is part of the Higher Education Institutions' Climate Network (called the Climate Network), which was created so that the higher education institutions can jointly work on strategies and solutions to reduce their climate impact. SFS is part of the host constellation for the Climate Network together with representatives in environmental and sustainability positions from the Swedish Agricultural University (chairman), the Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Umeå University, and Örebro University. 

The purpose of the Climate Network is to strengthen learning, exchange and cooperation between the universities in the climate area, share good examples of the universities' climate work, contribute with new ideas and perspectives, and facilitate the universities to fulfill their part of the Paris Agreement. The Climate Network stands behind the Climate Framework, which was created at the initiative of the universities and which many of Sweden's universities have joined. 

The climate network is half financed by Formas and Vinnova, and half by the universities in the host constellation. The investment will last for 4 years.  

In conclusion, we can advise that the Climate Network is organizing a workshop, "The sustainable researcher", on October 7 at Stockholm University. The workshop will be streamed. In the panel discussions, you will e.g. see our chairman Linn Svärd and DK vice chairman Karl Kilbo Edlund. 


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