SFS sharply critical of the government's savings requirements

SFS is very critical of the government's savings proposals which are supposed to cover the cost of the EU's recovery fund. Cutting education and research is completely the wrong way to go. 

The Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) is very critical of the government's proposals for cuts within the EU budget relating to research and the Erasmus programme. In light of the EU's increased budget needs to manage the costs of the post-pandemic recovery plan, the Swedish government, together with Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, has proposed cuts to key education and research initiatives.

- Proposing cuts in research and education, especially in the Erasmus program which enables exchanges between thousands of students every year, is a short-sighted and unfortunate decision. It undermines the government's credibility when it says it wants to focus on excellence, internationalization and innovation in the field of higher education, says Klara Dryselius, SFS vice president.

The Erasmus program has long been a cornerstone of the EU countries' work to promote student mobility and intercultural exchange within the Union. It not only contributes to the personal and professional development of individuals, but also strengthens the ties between member states through increased cultural competence and language exchange. Sweden is already underrepresented within the EU's institutions and the proposal for savings increases the risk that interest will further decrease among young people.

SFS urges the government to withdraw the proposal in order to find new and alternative solutions that do not affect the important programs for research and education.