Study aid reform – reform proposal for a modern study aid

SFS chairman Jacob Färnert and deputy chairman Klara Dryselius. Photo: Maria Cruseman

The Swedish National Union of Students presents proposals to make the study material more modern and effective, in a new memo.

It is time to modernize the student aid system.

The last major reform of the study aid was carried out in 2001. Then the system was simplified by becoming more uniform. The rules for repayment were also changed so that the system would not become too expensive for the state when the number of university students increased. 

In 2022, SFS did a follow-up of the latest reform. In the follow-up, it was examined, among other things, how the study aid covers the needs of different student groups, for example students with children, older students and students who in other ways do not correspond to an average youth student. SFS concluded that new reforms are needed if the system is to fully serve its purpose in today's higher education landscape.

In this memorandum, we present concrete proposals in a number of areas that have not kept up when society and the students' situation has changed. The goal is for the study material to be modern and effective.