Update regarding Student City of the Year 2022/2023

After careful consideration, the jury for Student City of the Year 2022/2023 has decided not to nominate any of the applicants for Student City of the Year. Thus, the award will not be presented this year. 

The purpose of Student City of the Year is to highlight the important work carried out in the country's student cities to safeguard students' health and existence. Collaboration between the student union, the municipality, the university and the business community is a prerequisite for creating a good life, and something that is highly valued in the jury work. 

- To meet our high demands requires hard work and active leadership from several parties, and unfortunately this year's applicants have not reached all the way. However, we know that promising progress is being made in many cities around the country, and we look forward to visiting them before next year's edition of Student City of the Year, says Linn Svärd, chairman of the Swedish National Union of Students.

The jury consists of four representatives from SFS's board:

  • Emelie Björkman
  • Johan Heder
  • Linn Sword
  • Timmy Hanson

Criteria for Student City of the Year

A student city to study, live and thrive in 

This year's student city should be a good environment to study, live and thrive in. The city has an active work to offer secure access to functional student housing with reasonable rent. There is good access to leisure activities, recreation, green areas and convenient transport options to and from campus. There are good opportunities for a rewarding working life and existence in the city after the studies.

A student city to get involved in 

This year's student city will have a functioning and inclusive student influence, where students' perspectives and initiatives are utilized at all different levels. The student perspective is included in decision-making processes in society that affect students. Initiatives from the students are promoted and taken advantage of. 

A student city that enables collaboration 

This year's student city will show a well-functioning collaboration between the university, student union, municipality, region, and working life, where students' situation and needs are in focus. The various actors are helped to bring about initiatives that lead to concrete improvements in the students' lives and for the student city's future. The students are seen as a given partner and key in the city's development.