Research Policy

Research policy has long been an important issue for students. Higher education must rest on a scientific basis. Both research and education are part of the universities' core assignments and it is often the same people who are both teachers and researchers. Therefore, it is important that the conditions for research and education take place in harmony.

The research policy can be described in four-year cycles based on the Government's research bill. Every four years, the government presents a comprehensive bill on how the policy area should be developed in the coming years. It usually comes in the middle of each term. The next research bill comes in autumn 2020.

Before the research bill, SFS usually does one record to the government where we present our views on research policy. The latest input focuses primarily on the need to strengthen the link between research and education, and on the fact that higher education institutions need to take greater responsibility for educating more doctoral students.

Much of SFS's work with research issues takes place through SFS's doctoral student body.