Education Quality

SFS is of the opinion that the purpose of higher education is to be useful for the student and this needs to be reflected in the quality concept each higher education institution uses. The higher education institutions are, however, responsible for developing their own definition of quality based on the higher education institution's conditions and special nature. This definition of quality must be based on the students' perspectives and interests. 

SFS believes that high quality education is a right for all students. To ensure quality, well-functioning quality work is needed. The university is responsible for the implementation of quality work. The higher education institution is responsible for independently developing quality work based on the scientific nature that is to characterize all parts of the academic activity. 

The purpose of quality work is to secure and strengthen the opportunity for students to assimilate high-quality education within all levels of higher education. Through the quality work, a high minimum level must be guaranteed, but above all the quality work must strengthen the development of the education's content and implementation. As the academic activities are conducted in an international context, it follows that the quality work also does so.

The students play a central role in all parts of the quality work and especially in its planning, implementation, analysis and follow-up. Since students are part of the business, they can react to shortcomings faster than external reviewers or assessors can do. Within the framework of student influence, the students themselves can identify shortcomings and contribute to the development work to increase the quality of the educations.